Thyme Essential Oil

Purple Turtle Therapy’s Top Ten Uses for Thyme Essential Oil

Thyme is a native plant of the Mediterranean. It was used as far back as Hippocrates as a medicinal plant and its name originates from the Greek ‘thymos’ which means to perfume. Traditionally we think of Thyme as being a culinary plant used as flavouring, a preservative and as a digestive stimulant. More recently it has been used in hospitals with alcohol as a natural antiseptic, antibacterial and anti viral cleaner. Find out how Thyme essential oil can help you beat the bugs this winter.

Purple Turtle Therapy’s Top Ten Uses for Thyme Essential Oil

1. Are you sat in an office surrounded by colleagues sneezing and spluttering? Put 2 drops of Thyme essential oil on a tissue or piece of ribbon and leave the tissue on a radiator in the office or hang the piece of ribbon near to the air conditioning unit. Keep a tissue with a drop of oil on in your pocket to inhale when travelling on public transport.

2. Make a spritz spray. In a 100ml spray bottle mix 50ml rosewater and 50ml witch-hazel and add 15 to 20 drops of Thyme essential oil. Use to cleanse the air in a room or as a cleaning spray on work surfaces to keep the germs away (always do a patch test on surfaces first).

3. Wash your hands regularly, this will help prevent any nasty infections spreading but also it can help boost your circulation. Avoid touching your face too much as germs can harbour on your hands and are easily transferable. Add a 2 drops of Thyme essential oil per 100ml to your hand wash (shake before use) to increase the antibacterial and antiviral properties.

4. If you are usually prone to winter infections mix 5ml olive oil with 2 drops of Thyme essential oil and massage into your hands and feet every morning and evening. Thyme essential oil is a natural immuno-stimulant and the massage will help increase your circulation.

5. Steam inhalations are a fantastic way of treating the symptoms of coughs and colds but can also work in preventing catching them in the first place so use a couple of drops of Thyme essential oil in a bowl with hot water (not boiling) and inhale deep breaths over the bowl.

6. Bathing with Thyme essential oil can help with the convalescence of illness, easing respiratory problems, lifting fatigue and lethargy in the muscles, strengthening the body and mind and even to ease insomnia. Use a handful of Epsom salts, a teaspoon of olive oil and 5 drops of Thyme essential oil into a warm run bath, lie back and soak in the aroma.

7. If you are suffering from bloating, constipation or trapped wind use a teaspoon of coconut oil mixed with 1 drop of Thyme essential oil and massage onto the stomach area in circular clockwise movements for 2 minutes twice a day until symptoms subside. Try adding the actual Thyme culinary herb to cooking to help cleanse your digestive tract from the inside too.

8. Diffuse 1 drop of Thyme essential oil in an Aromatherapy diffuser or burn in a little water in an Aromatherapy burner or on an Aromatherapy stone. Alternatively add 3 drops to 200ml of water in a small bowl and leave near the radiator to infuse and hydrate the atmosphere.

9. Add one drop of Thyme essential oil to your hair conditioner after shampooing and mix well, apply to the hair and leave for 10 minutes, rinse well for glossy shiny hair that smells great.

10. Add 1 drop of Thyme essential oil to your washing machine conditioner and mix well for a lovely smell on your towels and bed sheets.

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