Using natural Neal’s Yard Organic products in hospital

Recently I was in hospital for an operation, no one likes going to hospital however it was necessary and I believe that when you go through things like operations you can make your stay easier and less traumatic by surrounding yourself with nice things. I had a lovely picture my daughter had drawn by my bedside and my favourite teddy which my kids had bought me. These served as a good reminder of why I had to get myself well!

I put together a Neal’s Yard Organic kit to take with me and to use before and after. My personal care started before I went in to hospital. As the operation was on my abdomen I prepared by doing a short abdomen massage every evening for the few days before my admittance to hospital. I blended 3 drops of the Woman’s Balance blended essential oil with a teaspoon of Coconut oil and massaged it clockwise into my abdomen for about 3 minutes, you always massage clockwise due to the peristalsis in the colon and the flow of the digestion.

On the day of my admittance I used the White Tea spray to keep me cool and refreshed as it was the hottest day of the year so far and my temperature was already a little raised with the anticipation of an operation. I was nil by mouth for 8 hours before my op and so the spray stopped me becoming dehydrated and feeling that my skin was drying out.

Just before I went down for my op I used a drop of the Calmimg essential oil blend on my pulse points. I put one drop on my finger and then massaged this into my pulse points, even the nurses commented on how calm I was compared to some of the patients they see. Of course I was nervous as I was having a general anaesthetic however I did feel calm and prepared.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6 … and then I woke up in the recovery room and as usual with any anaesthetic I have I was nauseous so once back in the ward I used the Travel Roll on over my wrist pulse point and my sickness soon went.

Then I slept and slept, the best remedy for most things, as I tell my children, sleep helps your body’s ‘soldiers’ to heal where they need to so I made sure the healing soldiers in my body had plenty of time to get to work!

When I awoke I was sore and woozy, however after a lot of water, a cup of Inner Strength tea and a quick bite to eat I was starting to feel a bit better. I was in a ward with lots of lovely Nanas so I was lucky to have lots of friendly faces around me. However some were bedridden and it was a warm night the ward so little air flow. To help the stagnant air and refresh the ward I put the Night Time essential oil on tissues, one drop on each tissue and dotted them around the ward, especially near the windows so the aroma could be carried on the breeze. The nurses commented on how lovely the ward smelt and it was so much nicer than the aerosol sprays they usually used. The wonderful 88 year old lady in the bed next to me usually had trouble sleeping and said it was the best nights sleep she had since coming into hospital!

Of course with the spread of germs in hospital I wanted to ensure my hands were properly sanitised. I found the alcohol gel the hospital provides dries out your skin so much, I got out my Hand Defence spray and used that, it smells wonderful!

Now I am on my way to recovery I am continuing my use of NYO to help my body heal.

I have used the Arnica Salve on my bruising, every night I massage it in to the recovering areas gently before I go to sleep and for someone who bruises like a peach it has really stopped me looking like I have been beaten up!

For nice long soaks in the bath with one of my personal favourite NYO products, the Seaweed and Arnica bath foam I really was able to relax and the smell is lovely. I used to use this all the time after long cross country runs and it always relaxes me psychologically and physically, especially my muscles.

I have had a few headaches since my op. I use my Soto diffuser to infuse Lavender essential oil into the atmosphere when they start and I find this usually stops them from progressing to a full migraine.

It is lovely to have a full kit of natural products to hand in times like this. When my body had undergone the necessary medical procedures I feel it right to address the balance by using a natural first aid kit. I did have to take painkillers which I am not adversed to using when they are needed however the doctor said I would need to take them for 2 weeks however only the week after my operation I did not need them anymore which is better for my digestion and they do make me drowsy.

Now I am off to do a NYO self facial to perk up my skin!

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