Deep Tissue Massage

1 hr – £52       90 min – £69

The stresses of everyday life, poor posture and the work environment can cause knots and adhesions which result in restricted movement of the joints, ligaments and tendons. By manipulating the superficial and deeper layers of the muscles and fascia this restores the body to promote freer movement and reduced pain. A deeper massage that is deeply relaxing.
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Holistic Massage

1 hr – £52       90 min – £69

Holistic means whole so this holistic massage works with the physical, emotional and energetic levels of the body using a variety of massage techniques tailored to the clients individual needs, deep and slow or more invigorating.
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Sports/Remedial Massage

1 hr – £52       90 min – £69

Sports/Remedial massage can help to prevent injuries, aid in injury rehabilitation and enhance training performance. Soft tissue manipulation including myofascial, trigger point and neuromuscular techniques combine to stretch and release the muscles and joints increasing flexibility.
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Aromatherapy massage

1 hr – £52       90 min – £69


A therapeutic massage using the finest natural Aromatherapy Essential oils blended exclusively for you to work on your senses and your body. Dreamily relaxing or restoratively energizing working with your lymphatic system to ensure the oils benefit you after the massage is over leaving a sense of total wellbeing.
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De-tox Massage

90 min – £79

Detoxifying full body massage that revitalizes the lymphatic system to encourage the body to cleanse and rejuvenate. The focus is on improving circulation, boosting the immune system and aiding the body to release its toxins. A perfect way to gently restore the body to recovery.
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Indian head massage

1 hr – £52

With its roots in Ayurvedic Indian tradition this reviving massage on the upper back, shoulders, neck and head can be done seated or on the couch and with or without oils. Perfect for those with a sedentary lifestyle, especially for conditions attributed to computer work.
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Natural Facelift Massage


Natural Facelift Massage is a facial rejuvenation treatment which incorporates a shoulder massage with a lifting neck, face and scalp massage. A special combination of Eastern and Western advanced techniques are used to reduce muscle tension, decrease expression lines and smooth out wrinkles. The skin complexion is improved by stimulating rejuvenation, speeding up the removal of toxins and increasing cellular activity which tightens the skin and underlying muscles. This is a deeply relaxing treatment which has the additional benefit of leaving the skin looking more radiant. Although a course of 4–6 treatments is recommended for prolonged benefits, a difference can be seen and felt after a single treatment.
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Luxury Aromatherapy Facial


Using pure natural Aromatherapy Essential Oils blended for your skins needs enjoy a cleanse, exfoliating face scrub, toner and moisturising full facial massage with a nourishing and firming mask. Incorporating an Aromatherapy shoulder, neck and head massage and including an Aromatherapy hand massage.
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1 hour -£52

Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy in which the therapist applies a pressure technique and massage using their fingers and thumbs on reflex areas found on the feet, hands or ears. Reflexology is based on the principle that the reflex areas correspond with the anatomy of the body and when these reflexes are stimulated they activate the body’s own natural healing systems and energy pathways. Reflexology can help with relaxation, stress relief and energy levels so this treatment can be beneficial to many health conditions and disorders.
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Hopi Ear Candles

1 hour – £52

Hopi Ear Candles (Thermal Auricular Therapy) with a lymphatic drainage facial massage. During this spiritual and physical therapy each candle is safely placed just inside the ear canal and the candle creates a light chimney effect, extracting impurities and releasing soothing properties into the auricular system. A gentle lymphatic drainage face, neck and relaxing head massage accompanies the treatment. This treatment has been used for conditions such as sinusitis, rhinitis, tinnitus, vertigo, Meniere’s syndrome, headache/migraine, excessive wax, allergies and hay fever.
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Purple Pregnancy Pleasure

1 ¾ hours – £79

Our best selling pregnancy treatment includes A nourishing soak & scrub for the feet Full body pregnancy massage Rejuvenation vitality facial and head massage
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Purple Mum-to-be Top-to-Toe

90 minutes – £69

A nurturing treatment for your body and soles! Includes: Soothing and relaxing Pregnancy Massage with Aromatherapy Essential Oils combined with a Reflexology treatment and Foot Massage
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Pregnancy Massage

1 hr – £52       90 min – £69

To help ease and soothe during the exciting journey from pre-natal to post-natal, pregnancy massage can help with sciatica, oedema, back ache, indigestion, insomnia and other pregnancy related conditions.
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Pregnancy Reflexology

1 hr  – £52

Pregnancy Reflexology is a safe nurturing holistic therapy on the feet which can be rejuvenating for the feet and relaxing for the whole body. Good for tired feet and oedema throughout the pregnancy. The 45 minute treatment includes a reflexology treatment and a revitalizing oil foot massage.
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4th trimester/post natal massage

1 hr – £52       90 min – £69

After the birth it is important to look after the mother while the body begins to return to its pre pregnancy form, this post natal massage helps to cleanse and restore the body and soul.
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Purple Pregnancy Duo Massage


Make the most of your time together before your baby is born with a 1 hour duo massage.
A Pregnancy Massage for her
A Holistic Massage for her partner
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Purple Pregnancy Duo Workshop


An ideal way to help the mum to be through her pregnancy.
Learn some soothing massage techniques to use on the mum to be.
A manual is provided for you to take home with notes to help remember what you have learnt.
A free bottle of massage oil.
This workshop is suitable for couples, birthing partners, friends and family.
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Purple Turtle Tastic

2 hours – £84

Our best selling fantastic signature pamper which includes everything you need for a perfect purple pampering:
Aromatherapy Shoulder and Neck Massage
A reviving facial with a cleanse, tone, moisturize and a Natural Facelift Massage
Rejuvenating Head and Scalp Massage
Relaxing Reflexology and Foot Massage
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Purple Haze

1 hour and 45 minutes – £79

A pure haze of all over relaxation for the body, mind and spirit. An Aromatherapy or Deep Tissue Massage for the whole body
Skin brightening and rejuvenating Facial
Mind clearing Head Massage
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Purple Top-to-toe

1 hour and 30 minutes – £69

A boost for your back, an unwind for your mind and a treat for your feet!
A tension releasing Back, Neck and Head Mass
A restorative Reflexology treatment and foot massage More Info…